CDT day 81: flat trail and hot creeks

July 24
Mileage: 29
1452.5 miles hiked

Spark set his alarm for 5:55 a.m. last night, as that’s when the sunrise is and we’re camped at a really nice lake with optimal sunrise views. At first I was grumpy about this, as I hate waking up to an alarm more than anything and am likely to sleep poorly if I even know than an alarm is set- even so, at dawn I am grateful. Because this sunrise is fucking awesome.

I feel like crap this morning, sort of tired and out of it, but as the day goes on I start to feel better. The part of the CDT through Yellowstone is completely flat- just monotonous pine forest with the occasional geyser. We’re in a super-valcano, apparently. With wolves and bison.

We meet more northbounders! “The snow people” I am calling them- the people who went through the snow, instead of taking time off or flipping. We meet The Reverend, Karma, and Maniac. It’s so fun to see other hikers. The way everyone is split up on account of the snow has turned this into quite the lonely year to hike. I wish there were more people around to hike with.

In the afternoon we stop to fill our bottles at a creek- and the creek is hot! It’s called Witch Creek. So cool! At Heart Lake we find the spot where Witch Creek empties into the lake and Track Meat and I jump in, paddling around in the tepid bathwater. Then more hours cruising through the flat forest, to camp.

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