CDT day 69: much relax

July 12
Mileage: zero

Breakfast burritos, gluten-free baked goods, watching a marathon. Sitting for hours at the doctor’s office in a gown, listening to all the bustle around me. Blood samples, poop samples. I’ll get the results by phone in the next couple of days. Just sitting there I feel dizzy and exhausted again, like I’m gonna fall over. I try to work on my blog but I can’t focus. Afterward I meet up with Margaret and the boys at a bar and we eat even more food. Kale salad with steak. Sweet potato fries. Spark presents me with my new Magic cards. We find a coffeeshop with couches and I try to do phone errands again but instead I curl up and fall asleep. Walking to The Good Food Store in the evening light- the largest bulk section I’ve ever seen. Resupply. Giant sandwich on GF bread for dinner. Olives. Strawberry coconut bliss. Walking back to the house, over the Clark river, light long on the railroad tracks. Sitting on the patio watching the dark fall. In the morning a kind soul is giving us a ride to the edge of town where we can hitch back to Leadore, Idaho. Time for sleep.

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