CDT day 67: I just want to nap for a hundred years

July 10
Mileage 31
1,269 miles hiked

I’m awake too early, although I had some amazing dreams. Where am I?

I feel like shit today. I’m the dizziest I’ve been, and I’m exhausted. The long steep climbs are comically difficult. Caffeinated crystal light does nothing! I’m in a dark mood. Hiking is supposed to be fun. Fuck!

I’m rationing my food- we all could’ve brought more this section. I sit on the grassy slope of the divide, eating spoonfuls of chocolate almond butter. This is a fancy decadent thing, but I’m so sick of it right now. In the distance are the Sawtooth mountains, jagged against the stormy sky. Weather gathers above them, drifts over the valley below towards the Bitteroots where I sit. It’s beautiful here. So beautiful. The boys are somewhere ahead, marching up the climbs. I wish my body worked like it was supposed to right now.

I call my friend Lia- she just bought a truck. It’s been hot in Southern Oregon. I wish I was in Oregon now, curled up someplace cool, watching a movie. Napping for a hundred years. I miss my friends.

I catch up to the boys at a spring, where they’re sitting in the dirt eating chips. I tell Spark that as soon as we get to Leadore tomorrow I’m gonna hitch to Missoula to get checked out. Spark offers to come along, granted there is pizza, beer and that I get a deck and learn to play Magic the Gathering. It doesn’t take much to convince Track Meat as well. Think about all the food we could eat! And then Benjamin is coming along too. I call my friend Margaret, who lives outside Missoula, and she finds us a place to stay in town. Let’s go to Missoula!

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