CDT day 30: ridgewalking! ridgewalking!

June 3
Mileage 30
659.5 miles hiked from Mexico

Cowboy camping and there’s no condensation- what joy! My bag stays fluffy all night instead of wilting around 3 a.m. and I don’t wake up cold to the eerie moon. I sleep amazing and then the sun is pouring through the forest and we’re doing our little morning things from our bedrolls, opening and closing plastic bags.

We stay up high all day today, around ten thousand feet. Ridgewalking on the damp green mountains, snowmelt-fed streams glittering in the valleys down below. Up here the snow is gone- there is only the occasional very small patch, soft and slushy. We take three luxurious breaks among the dandelions, napping and lying in the sun, and otherwise we just walk. At one point I hike twelve miles with only a liter of water, at another point the trail dissapears into nothing, and then reappears a few miles later. Being in the mountains makes us hungrier- all we can talk about is food. Camp is next to a stream in some verdant fold in the mountain. Cowboy camping beneath the stars. Tomorrow- Chama, and the thirty boxes waiting for us general delivery at the post office. Like Christmas! We talk of wrapping the boxes and making a small christmas tree in our hotel room to put them under. The star on the tree will be a bud light can, like the hundreds we see alongside the dirt roads here. Our food bags will be our stockings and we’ll fill them with oranges and slices of pizza.

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