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The PCTA interviewed me for their blog! I’ve never been interviewed before so I was very long-winded b/c I was excited. The PCTA website is beautiful! and you should hang out there all the time. They have a great aggregator of trail journals– there are SO MANY trail journals you could start to read. Young folks, older folks, ultralight hikers, people with massive packs, all of them trembling in fear because BEARS and THE DESERT- WHO WILL MAKE IT TO CANADA? I mean, is there anything more exciting than trail journal season? It’s like the freaking blogging olympics!

Speaking of “freaking”, I used lots of swear words in my interview and my patient interviewer edited them out, which I understand. Just so you know, though, “I am going to hike that trail from one end to the other” should actually read “I am going to hike that motherfucker from one end to the other”. I am glad that I can use lots of swear words on this blog- fuck shit, shit fuck fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Hey guess what! I GET TO HIKE THE PCT AGAIN! All thanks to your incredible support, dear readers! My campaign is totally funded! That’s, like, internet magic! I write things you like so you make it so that I can write more things. Since when is life as simple as that? Never! It almost makes me feel weird. Like, really? Really really? I can just WALK? And WRITE? How. How universe. There is a catch? No catch? How.

So in spite of the fact that this might be all a dream and any day now I’ll either a)wake up with cancer or b)a tree will fall on me, I’ve been ordering gear, and scheming so hard about how to document this year’s hike in a non-labor-intensive yet meaningful and beautiful way. In other news, I spend way too much time on the internet. The dichotomy between my “regular” life and my “adventure” life is kind of absurd. Right now I’m basically hunched over my computer every waking hour that I’m not working, sleeping, running or eating, either working on my book or going down internet research wormholes. And when I’m hiking… there aren’t even any chairs.

There are four days left in my campaign! Any extra money raised at this point will go towards a real camera!! for the trail, as I took all my photos with my phone last year, a trekking umbrella, freeze-dried peas, and shipping for my resupply boxes. So here is an incentive for you! Everyone who pre-orders a physical copy of the book in the next 24 hours will get a postcard from the trail. From me to you. So that’s from now until 10 p.m. PST on 3/22. Check it out!

I’m so excited. So excited I can’t actually focus on anything else. I mean I’m still physically here, but my heart is already on the trail. I can’t believe how supportive my readers are, with your nice comments, emails, and pre-orders of my book. Thank you!!





6 thoughts on “happy everything

  1. This blog is like an opioid I just can’t get enough of! Enjoyed the interview–going to have to read the books you cited. So pleased to be able to follow your hikes for two more summers! Looking forward to the book arriving on my front porch one day…

  2. Haha u are so real! I just read up on freeze dried food. Sounds like it would be really good for resupply boxes.

  3. Carrot, I attempted to buy you one of your Amazon wish list items but was stymied by the “Shop this Website” button in place of the “Add to Cart” button on other items. Pressing the “Shop this Website” button takes you to the manufacturer’s website and out of Amazon. Amazon help says the following:

    “If you’re purchasing an item from a seller, the default shipping address will only be available if the Wish List owner has enabled third-party address sharing. Otherwise, you’ll need to know and enter the shipping address.”

    Four of the eight items in the wish list have this problem. I don’t know how to get the item to you.

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