Sitting in my warm little trailer, dog sleeping in a donut on the bed, evening cooling outside sun sunk over the manzanita hills, frost creeping up from the valleys, sky clear and black. Just ate sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts (non-organic), pork sausage from a company of questionable ethics. Before that went running, up into the hills through the poison oak but felt sort of anemic, didn’t want to listen to my music, only ran for an hour. Worked today, drove far on the sun-warmed country roads listening to a library audiobook and thinking about oppressive societies, humans, how to be a good person. Ate the lunch I packed and an orange, a hard-boiled egg. Took Kinnikinnick along on the passenger seat and she looked at me with dull, bored eyes in the afternoon, twisted around in her little circle bed, stood up and put her paws on the cracked window and “saw” the world with her nose. Carried expensive bread through the back doors of small, empty grocery stores and stuffed it onto the shelves smelling its good bread smell and wondering, who pays seven dollars for a loaf of bread? But somebody does, thank goodness. Let Kinnikinnick out to potty in the rutted grassy lot between the Shop n’ Kart and the train tracks. She walked around, blinking in the sun, did downdog and updog, peed on some things. Smelled the recliner there, forever reclined, where the checkout clerks smoke their vaporizers.

I’m 34% to my campaign goal! Thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered the book so far. If 120 people, about a quarter of my blog followers, bought a copy of the book right now, the campaign would be all the way funded. You know what that is? That is magical crowd-funding arithmetic. So if you read all my PCT posts and loved them and want to give back somehow, right there is how you can do it. Check it out.

Incentives for you! I have six more postcards left from the desert portion of my PCT thru-hike last year. A few of them are very good; one of them is kind of boring. The picture on the front (wolves) repeats itself as I bought a fistful of that postcard at a little shop in Idyllwild. These postcards are a time capsule from the first seven hundred miles of my first thru-hike- everything was new and bright then and overflowing everywhere, all around me! The next six people who pre-order my book will get one of these postcards! I’ll mail them out on Tuesday, from the little post office in Jacksonville.

My dear readers, you are awesome.

Update: The postcards have all been claimed, and will be sent out on Tuesday. Thank you!!

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  1. Good luck Carrot! Love the blog! My sister in law who is an author and a writing teacher is using your “Hunger” post in her writing class next week. She thinks you’re a wonderful writer. (As do I…but my endorsement isn’t quite so authoritative. šŸ˜‰


  2. Carrot, I was so excited to see your offer of the book, got one for a gift and one for myself. Diligently still trying to find your Freightrain book. I enjoy your words, thank you.

  3. GoalTech-
    Wow, that’s cool that your sister is using my piece! Somewhere a writing teacher I don’t know is using something from my blog in her writing class… that kind of blows my mind. And thanks for the kind words!!

    Mufyns- Thanks for ordering the book!! My freight train book was only available as an e-book and I took it off the internet in order to work on the full-length version so you’ll have to wait for that, unfortunately. But! It’s going to be really good!!

  4. What about those of us that pre ordered a copy of your book last year? I WANT MY BOOK.

    Love you, hope you are well, good luck with your next round of trail magic. Maybe I will go leave you a treat in the desert near SB. Xoxoxoxoxo

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  5. Allison- Everyone who pre-ordered a book last year will still get a copy- don’t worry! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait until this thing is actually published. I wonder how far Santa Barbara is from the PCT? I wish you and AK and the baybay could come visit!

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