4 thoughts on “sometimes I collect images of things

  1. Darling Carrot –
    I found your blog not long ago and started through your archives from the beginning. I’ve read through (except the Password Protected) most up until sometime in 2010 so far. I loved you from the get-go, but when I read (in “The Grotto”), “I wander back and find a small wooden chapel, candy-apple red, gathering sunbeams in a grassy clearing. Inside are oil paintings of our blessed mother, lit from above with florescent lights, a place for kneeling, a potted geranium. I circle the tiny structure, looking at its neat wooden sides, and add it to the list of places I’d like to occupy after the collapse of civilization, if I get the chance.” I smiled and smiled. Yes. I thought the very same thing about that little red chapel. I understand totally.

    I am old enough to be your mother and would be way proud if I had a daughter and she grew up to be like you.. Meanwhile I bow to your wicked writing talent, your honesty, your daring to live in The Zone of Aliveness. You’re game. Gotta be. There are no other rules. I love how who you are, how you live, and your willingness to share.

    Bless you for Being in this world. It could so use more people like you..


  2. Way way back, I think before the PCT, you posted an essay about the path of a person’s accumulation of stuff and the resulting…I think…estate sale of said stuff. I soooo loved that essay, since I’m an antique/second hand/junk dealer. That post really spoke to me.
    Can you send me the link? I really want to pass that on to people in my life who either understand or don’t understand what I do.
    Thank yo so much!

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