A little update to say

I’M NOT GOING TO STOP BLOGGING. I said this a few posts ago, but I think some of you missed it? I have a bunch of posts I want to write about post-trail re-integration, posts I want to write about my life in a little cabin in Southern Oregon, AND I’ve actually been keeping this blog for SIX YEARS, which means that I’m not going to stop blogging here, probably ever. SO.

7 thoughts on “A little update to say

  1. Carrot, I’m sorry I gave the wrong impression in my previous comment. I knew that you were blogging before the hike and will continue blogging, but I was really referring to your posts about the PCT. That must come to an end at some point. While I look forward to your posts on reintegrating into your PCT afterlife and other topics that you choose, I will miss your trail posts. Thanks for all the finely arranged words 🙂

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your posts! I also am very interested in the reintegration phase. My intention is to thru-hike the PCT this year and I actually can’t imagine stopping at Canada. I think I just want to keep walking for years. I think coming back could be terribly depressing. I’m thinking the sensible thing would be to call my home here, Winter Quarters, and just do the CDT next year and maybe the AT the next but I really can’t imagine just coming back and being done. So I’m looking forward to your further adventures and how it goes for you in between.

  3. The end of the trail. Can’t wait for le book (le biblio?) Keep going…. read carefully…. edit beautifully

  4. Carrot, What a great finish. Your smile tells it all. Instigate, Spark, Raho, Great friends. So many people don’t finish because of the weather. Look at No Days blog, You can tell she’s not a happy camper. Oh well that’s thur hiking. Looking forward to the CDT.
    Thanks. Fred

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