I’m in Oregon!


At the Oregon/California border

Readers! My blog is really far behind right now. I’d planned on bringing it up to date during my zero in Ashland, but yesterday while frantically running errands, shopping for and making my resupply boxes and schlepping things from one end of town to the other, I came to a realization- either my blog makes it to canada on time, or I do. I’m in the home stretch, now, and I’m trying to hike as hard as I can- I want to average thirty mile days all through Oregon, and Washington is much more technically difficult- I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m just not going to be able to blog as much as I’d like. That being said, I have the notes for every day, and I’ll post sporadically for the next two months- and then as soon as I’m home in Portland, BAM! I’ll be glued to my computer until the rest of the posts are up. So I’m sorry, dear readers, and it irks me so much not to be able to tell you EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS, EVERY DAY THAT IT HAPPENS, and to have to WAIT, it’s actually sort of physically PAINFUL, but there’s also nothing sweeter than that yearning to write, and I’m cherishing it too.

This afternoon we hitched back to the trail. OREGON HERE I COME.


Hitching back to the trail


10 thoughts on “I’m in Oregon!

  1. Yeah! …You made it through California!!!! Happy hiking. 🙂
    (I really look forward to reading your writings in the future.)

  2. Great blog Carrot! Keep on truckin! I’ll be doing my SoBo section hike from McKenzie Pass to Shelter Cove in 2 weeks. You’ll probably be too fast and Ill miss seeing you. Keep up the great work!

    GoalTech from Tigard

  3. Welcome to Oregon, Carrot! Sounds like you raced through Ashland – possibly to get away from the smoke as much as to hurry on up the trail. Sorry to have missed you. I’ve been sort of watching for you as I’ve gone about town errands and would like to have offered you a ride back to the trail. You’ll be out of the smoke by the time you reach Summit Lake, and at 30 miles a day you’ll be in Washington by late August. Happy, smoke-free trails to you! You rock!

  4. You’re right to walk now and write later. You know we will all be waiting for your stories.
    We wish you well.

  5. That’s a very happy looking Carrot! Hike your hike and no worries about your readers, we are quite content with your output and thoroughly enjoying your writing.

    We were in the Oregon rain forest along the coast the last 2 weeks, it feels like the lost world in those woods, just amazing, such a riot of life.

  6. That’s a great milestone Carrot, enjoy Oregon! All the best on your big mileage days, (listen to your “body” ) and hike your hike, as they say. Thought you’d enjoy this video / song, your probably familiar with by Dewight Yoaham, “1,000 miles from Nowhere” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLprAUar11U
    Keep on truckin,
    Scott 2

  7. How about a short weekly update with a mile marker and next town name to keep everyone from worry. Tell Spark his Alabama cousins say Hi. Hope to hear something tomorrow. Soft trails.

  8. I miss your posts already, but I know I’ll appreciate reading them this autumn when it’s cold and soggy outside and I need a mental escape. Hike on, Carrot, hike on.

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