2 thoughts on “Day 70: THE HOUR OF THE MOSQUITO

  1. Carrot, what has been the most beautiful spot in your mind? if you can even answer that. it just seems the more north you get the prettier it gets. I love your words but your pictures are awesome as well. Keep on trekking!

  2. Medical advice on DEET – although I hope you don’t need it again – use sparingly and wash off before sleeping.
    Best wishes on the trail.

    AA study was done involving 143 National Park Service employees at Everglades National Park to determine the effects of DEET on varying use groups. Exposure groups were classified as low (non-users), medium (0.01-0.52 g/day) and high (0.71-69.38g/day) use of DEET. It was found that 36 of the workers (25%) reported health effects that they attributed to DEET. These effects included rashes, skin or mucous membrane irritation, transient numb or burning lips, dizziness, disorientation, and difficulty concentrating. Headache and nausea were also reported.

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