13 thoughts on “Day 66: Yosemite magic

  1. Love your wry and very personal take on the rigours and wonders of the PCT. Look forward you your updates, gives we Aussies another perspective. Snakes and spiders are one thing. Even bears. But I think the mosquitoes would send me insane.

  2. “over my dead body” made me laugh. So did the dayhikers representing birds and civilization. LOL.

  3. Been following your posts for your whole trip so far and am enjoying seeing your progress and your photos. As frequent day hikers and JMT’rs, my friends and I have been duly schooled that a fed bear is a dead bear, so please only carry as much food as fits in your bear canister, and tell your friends. Adventure is not worth a bear’s life. Enjoy the rest of the Sierras and keep taking amazing photos!

  4. I can’t believe you were thinking of sidestepping Yosemite Valley. Although it can be a crowded mess of humanity, it is still a stunningly beautiful place. That’s Half Dome, BTW. 😉

  5. Love your posts and writing style. However, and now I have to lecture you a bit as I wouldn’t want any harm to come to you or our bear friends. It is very foolish not to have all of your food and “smellies” secured safely in your bear can at night. You really are tempting fate. With on-trail resupply available at MTR, VVR, Reds and Tuoleme, there is no reason to carry so much food that it can’t fit in your BC.

    Also, you can use an odor-proof ziplock for your day rations of snacks, etc. I know they are sold in the Tuoleme store. Plus, you might consider getting your rain bottoms before WA. You need those in the Sierra. Not having proper rain gear is an example of “stupid light.” There are more appropriate and safer ways to cut your pack weight.

    Now have a great hike and sin no more against our beloved trail and wildlife!

  6. AFter reading sparks blog, I think that your post date is the right day as opposed to the 2 week old date posted just above the days entry. Might want to check on it.
    Don’t tease the bears, they might think you look tasty.

  7. I continue to love your writing about the journey. Yes, the big dome rock is Half Dome – which you probably know by now. The huge high beautiful vertical granite wall about halfway down the valley on the north side is El Capitan. Best wishes.

  8. Oh, and I’m so happy you went to the Valley. Yes, it’s full of people and things but it is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world.

  9. HI Carrot,
    Its fun to see all the bucket list REI JMTER’S with their sixty pound packs. No wonder it takes them twentyone days to complete the JMT. The facts are you made it your way that’s all that matters. Your doing GREAT! Your all most haft way.
    Fred. No Mary this time.

  10. Hello! I simply would like to provide a huge thumbs upward for the fantastic info you have here for this post. We are coming back to your blog for more soon.

  11. HI Carrot! I have been reading your blog from the beginning. The way you write almost feels like I’m on our beloved PCT too! I have plans to section hike Oregon soon. I work in PDX and love the city. Im always up for making new trail friends. Thank you for documenting every wonderful moment for us dreamers to read.


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