3 thoughts on “Day 60: Making it

  1. Greetings, Carrot! You will love the N. Calif. PCT. Nothing can match the Sierras for sheer grandeur, but in N. Cal. you’ll find, especially in the Castle Crags, Marble Mountain and Russian wilderness areas, the granite, the jewel cirque lakes and vistas, all without the debility of altitude. The highest you’ll travel through those areas is 7000-8000 feet, well below tree line. No bears to speak of, so no bear canisters required. It’ll get up to 85 or 90 during the day at most, and down to 32 or above at night. No frozen toe socks. Happy trails to you.

  2. NCal was really hard for me. I’m sure it’s beautiful, but doing it right after the High Sierras was kind of like washing down a wonderful dessert with gas station coffee. The times I most wanted to quit were in those 500 miles. On the plus side you can pick up the pace quite a bit, and drinking right out of springs is amazing.

  3. Should be beautiful around Tahoe and north until past Lassen, then it gets pretty hot for a stretch around Hat Creek, Burney. It’s the transition zone from the Sierra to the Cascades, more thickly wooded, I prefer the terrain and more open forest of the Sierra . Last week I was on the Dog Trail (with my dogs) that links to the PCT just beyond Castle Crags park , very pleasant and I thought of you coming through there in the future. I don’t know about perfect but it will be hot and dry for sure. Excessively so as I write, it’s 110 in this heat wave here in Shasta County, be glad you’re not here!

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