Dear readers!

I’ll be in town tomorrow for resupply and I’ll probably be there for a few days, because I have to go to the dentist, so I am going to catch you all the way up re: the Sierras! Some highlights:

-part of one of my molars broke off while eating trail mix
-the altitude made me feel anemic and also as though I was just about to vomit, most of the time
-my inner-thigh chafe got so bad it cracked and bled (TMI? Never!!)
-and I felt bouyantly happy and intoxicated by the beauty because
-John Muir wasn’t exaggerating!

Also, a question for my readers! When I upload photos via the wordpress app on my phone they come out super low quality. How do I fix this?

More soon!!

9 thoughts on “Dear readers!

  1. Carrot,
    Try using Monkey Butt, bag balm or similar creams for your inner thigh and other places chafing. You can find it and similar products at Trucker stops.

    I am enjoying following your trek up the PCT and your descriptions of the places reminds me of my PCT hike in 2008. I enjoy your writing style, both when you are hiking solo and when you meet up and travel with groups. Your narrative changes between these two times. Now that I am back in the US, I will Kindle your rail book from Amazon. You should try to also get it listed in iBooks so people overseas can download it.


  2. Altitude makes everyone anemic for a week or so. Part of the acclimatization process. Iron rich foods should help with your body’s adjustment.
    The JMT is on my life list. So jealous…
    Take care of your teeth, ‘nuf said.
    Tell Spark to update his blog. His cousins and family all want to know.

  3. My successful fix for chaffing: I switched to yoga pants so it is the fabric that rubs and wears – not the skin.
    You are so tough, positive and upbeat in spite of the challenges. Plus always thinking of your readers.
    Amazing! Take good care of yourself!

  4. Graahk! Good luck at the dentist. As for chafing, for short distances I’ve had luck with the lube stuff that cyclists use, but since you’re hiking all day every day, I agree that a switch to tight yoga/running shorts might be in order.

    Looking forward to getting your perspective on the Sierra! I’ve only been there once, but I’ll never forget it.

  5. The first line of treatment when you are rashy, raw and weeping is a tube of Desitin, max strength (yes, it’s diaper rash treatment). It’s mostly zinc, a little dab will coat and dry the area very thoroughly and keep it dry, soaks up the moisture. It’s very thick and stays put once applied no matter how much moisture. A small tube will be plenty and it costs and weighs nothing. This stuff works great, I just used it recently for my own chafing problem from bicycling in the heat. One or two days application should clean it up pretty good, then follow up with Monkey Butt powder once the skin heals up a bit. The Monkey Butt powder also contains zinc which works very well as a drying agent.

    Make sure you don’t have a fungal or bacterial thing going on. Try washing the area daily with an antibacterial soap like Dial. If it’s a fungal problem and persists you’ll need something like Lotrimin creme, which is more a guy thing but maybe ask the pharmacist for advice.

    You’re awesome Carrot, rave on!

  6. your picture setting on your phone may be set to minimum pixels to save disk-space (and because if all you usually do is text pics to others you don’t need many pixels) . . . for the chafe I use that diaper-rash ointment but it’s really messy: Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment, 4 oz . . . I broke a molar (actually it was big filling that came out) last summer on a trip and had to go to a dentist in Coos Bay, he said fixing it could wait a few weeks until I got home, cost $1000 for crown, broke it on some crackers my sister made.

  7. The Sierras, Can’t wait to hear about your trek though them. My wife and I enjoy reading your blog.
    You have a strong group with you now. Best wishes. Fred and Mary

  8. I have really enjoyed hiking vicariously with you. I did the JMT 2 years ago, so you bring back some great memories. I ended up with an emergency root canal the day after I conquered Mt. Whitney (north to south trek), fought thigh chafe with thin tights (worked great!), and used ginkgo biloba to prevent altitude sickness in the Rockies for the first time in my life. It works for about 50% of people, especially for Himilayas mountain climbers. Start taking it 3-5 days before hitting high altitudes. Best wishes for the remainder of your adventure! I’ll be trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc and the Walker’s Haute Route in the Swiss Alps in August, so you’re making my mouth water with anticipation!

  9. Carrot, been a regular reader for a long time ( and I’m a big Annie Dillard fan). Just want to say how much I appreciate the effort you make to keep your readers updated and informed, and I enjoy what you write.

    I never guessed I’d be commenting about teeth. Molars are so variable, but all of my breaks so far have not been a big deal. It’s good you are getting it checked, so you do not risk infection. But it might not be a big deal at all. Good luck!

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