8 thoughts on “Day 41: heat, heat, heat, and finally- friends

  1. I’ve spent little time in California but fingernail size ticks sounds unusual. Ours are more like a big match head (unless they’ve been on a dog for a couple of weeks – yeesch!). Californians: were those perhaps some other kind of critter?

  2. Carrot Quinn: Your writing… Has a way of transporting me to where you are, what you are seeing/smelling/hearing/thinking. I love it! I keep coming back to read more (so I finally signed up)! I hope you never stop writing.

    And I hope you find the Sierras as fantastic as I do. Evolution Lake at sunset is not to be missed. There are weird deer that lick up your pee and surround your tent at Little Pete Meadow. The high alpine country between Thousand Island Lake & Donahue Pass was like a different world 2 years ago in August.

    If you need anything from a quasi-local please ask!

  3. Nothing for 10 days! Anyone besides myself feeling concerned and/or abandoned ? Can’t find a single explanation so far…anyone know anything?

  4. Hey dirty doll
    I know you are out of internet range but hope you are having an awesome time in the Sierras. Thank you for extracting me from my stagnant life and bringing me with you on your adventures through your thoughtful and entertaining posts. Like the rest of your huge fan club, I eagerly await your next internet connection so we can catch up with your contagious energy.

  5. Carrot, I hope you are okay and that everything is going well, maybe you just haven’t been able to update, but I sure miss you! And I get more concerned everyday… Post something, anything so I don’t worry about you so much. I know you are tough and can handle yourself, but one of my past times is chronic worry… 🙂

  6. missing your words every day…praying for your safety…hoping you’ll come back in range soon. did you know you would be gone from us so long? 9 days now 😦

  7. okay, so I got worried and googled you, pct, everything and came across the powerhouse fire which I didnt even hear about in Oregon. Sounds you were right there at outbreak. hopefully you got rerouted. praying a little more now that you are well and comfortable.

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