4 thoughts on “Day 30: Vomiting yay!

  1. I’m sooo sorry you were sick. You have my greatest sympathies!

    Probably everybody has given you this advice a million times already, but just in case I have something new or helpful:
    Be careful of the water. It sounds likely to me that you could have got sick from a bad water source more so than just from your food. Make sure your filter system is working completely. And since you have been sick and are a bit weak, it might be wise to use your chemical purifiers, iodine, etc. for a few days until you are completely better.

    After vomiting wait *at least* an hour before drinking anymore liquid. And even then, don’t drink straight water. Have some Gatorade or put a tiny bit of salt in your water. And wait 3 hours before attempting solid food. Try to keep to soft, mild stuff.

    ******And lastly…*super important*….you guys are probably all running close to dehydration. You really need to make sure you are getting enough salt and potassium. Drinking plain water all day long is going to wash that out of your system. Consider getting salt tablets and/or potassium supplements….or drink electrolyte rich beverages. A lot of your dizzy/weakness/vomiting could be because of dehydration and lack of electrolytes.*****

    And you need to get some acetaminophen/Tylenol for fever. It works better than ibuprofen for that (use ibuprofen for swelling/inflammation/joint pain….and it helps sleeping.)

    Good luck, feel better.

  2. As I sit here reading this, my wife walks in and starts in on me because I can’t take supporting her almost 20yr. old daughter who refuses to work or go to school. I wish I could just walk away and join you on the trail to Canada. If I could only walk away from the good job that it took me years to get and they would let me have it back when I returned it would be easier, but I still have my son from my first marriage who is struggling to get through his senior yr. in highschool I have to worry about and be there for him if he needs me. There are so many things that just seem like they tie you to where you are so you can’t go on an adventure.
    I love to read about yours and look forward to seeing your short stories about the trail in my inbox. I hope someday to be able to do more hiking. I don’t know if I would ever have the strength or stamina to pull off what you are doing but I wish you the best of luck and hope you make it. Brent

  3. Don’t despair Brent! You don’t have to face the trials of thru hiking to have an adventure. If you live in part of the country with forests, find areas near you. Grab a backpack, a hammock, and some food and try a couple of nights. Take your kids or event the whole family and spend some time sleeping with the Milky Way spinning above you as you sleep. The adventure does not depend on the mileage. Even a single night of cooking over the whispering flame of an alcohol stove and a day of hiking through the woods, waterfalls, or other natural beauty is rewarding.

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