5 thoughts on “Day 11: Warner springs and the burger that was (almost) everything

  1. i like these, carrot. what an adventure! this one kept making me think of jesus who washed his disciple’s feet in the deserts of the middle east. they walked alot too. i always thought of it as ‘special treatment ‘ which I’m sure it was but this made me think it was daily necessity, too. After walking 100 miles I wonder what it would feel like to have someone wash my feet. happy walking (how easily said plopped on my couch!)

  2. Yes to the bare necessities: water, food, and healthy feet!
    We are eager to read each day’s colorful posting – keep ’em coming!

  3. Carrot, let us know if there is a way to buy you burgers or other comfort food (or healthy) or whatever along your way. You had a button that one time so we could buy you a burger. Does that still work?

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