6 thoughts on “Day 9- no sleep til warner springs

  1. I am so enjoying your posts. Very descriptive which helps me imagine what your going thru. Thank you for taking me on your adventure. KD

  2. I love “Don.” It sounds like the approach of a sinister villan, which is likely how it feels.

    I am loving your dispatches from the brutal desert. It amazes me how much color and life you’re able to put into your frequent posts after long, hard miles on the PCT.

  3. I can almost feel the delirium and the desperate yearning for a sliver of precious shade. It was 93 up here in far northern CA today, it’s very hot very early this year. Be well…

  4. Speaking of “post-industrial collapse”, once you get up in the mountains, if something happened down in the valleys that made leaving the mountains either unwise or impossible, what 3 items that you don’t currently have (and that could be carried), would you really regret not having?

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