7 thoughts on “Day 7- The Anza-Borrego Desert of Beauty

  1. I am enjoying your hike so much! I remember my long distance days when nothing mattered but the blissfully beautiful sights along the trail.

  2. So happy to know that you’re healing and hiking!!! May every day bring more strength, health, and happiness!!!

  3. Sounds like you are hitting your stride and it’s great to be reading you again.

    I have always admired the French, they are crazy for extreme sports like rowing across the Atlantic singlehanded or paragliding off the top of Everest. They actually do these things, yet their cinema is subtle and lacks car chases and explosions. Makes me wonder.

  4. Hi Carrot, i’m Mike, a friend of the amazing Thyra, Ben, Angela crew. …Just religiously reading your blog alongside theirs daily. Love your writing, perspective, the photos, and that you can help each other/lift spirits/joke whenever you all rendezvous.

    You each offer such a great view of the trail and when combined with T, B, A (WHOA), creates like, that mega Power Ranger transformer robot thing. Thank you for posting, Portland loves it.

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