At the portland airport

And my heart is breaking re: dogs. Finished getting ready at 3:30 a.m. and slept a whole hour. Woke to Cooper’s headlights flooding the trailer. Small dogs were confused, these little creatures who want only to be near me. And I am a little creature who wants only to be near them. At the airport no-one cared that I had a funny hat. Why was everyone so awake? I checked my bag and bought a bottle of water. I made it to the bathroom and sat in a stall and sobbed. My dogs! They will think I’ve been eaten by a larger predator, and then they will move on. It’s me who will miss them all summer, with the long tail of my human memory. Kinnikinnick and her soft fur, and Potato with his dingleberries. What strange lives we lead.

2 thoughts on “At the portland airport

  1. Dogs remember. You will be SO welcomed when you get home! You will all be “welded” together for a couple of weeks then will slowly return to normal – the good kind. It will be okay. Really. Now go start your walk! When it’s done, you can go home to your dogs. (Try to enjoy the walk as much as possible.) You are capable of doing this.

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