Just a little over 40 hours left to go and $900 still to raise!

READERS! There are just a little over 40 hours left in my campaign, and $900 still to raise! If I can get $20 in pledges every single hour from now until the end of the campaign, then BAM! My wonderful special magical campaign to walk 2600 miles in five months and make a book about it will be funded! I’m parked in front of the computer all day today working on a piece of writing, and so I’m going to post an update here every couple of hours. Kind of like those pledge drives on NPR where they hypnotize you into pledging with their nice radio voices. Only I am going to hypnotize you into pledging with PICTURES OF MY DOGS.

nervous potato is nervous

The campaign is at $2,570. Who wants to be the next magical $20 pledge? THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged since my last post– Moeen, Bramble, Tessa, Louis, Jennifer, Katy, Benjamin, Randall, Molly, Helena, Pat, Mary, Crystal, Stacy, Corinne, and DeAnna.

And THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has pledged so far– Sandra, Thomas, Marcie, Miel, Hannah, Richard, Melissa, John, David, Tom, Cole, Wyatt, Lacy, Elizabeth, Jenn, Dave, Kevin, Chelsea, Elizabeth M, Susan, Steven, Tae, Katie, Seamus, Elizabeth G., Kelly, Joanna, Allison, Alli, Jenstar, Clara, Sherry, Bob, Sarah, Amelia, Shaun, Tess, Hannah, Marsha, Amanda, Sequoia, Dawn, Kyle, Tessa, A.M., Alejandro, Ali, Dane, Eric, Yarrow, Ran, Benjamin, Finn, Anna, Martha, Leslie, Joe, Liz, Piotr, Beth, Nell, Crow, Paula, Maggie, Charlie, Gig, Kathleen, Anonymous, Margon, Rhonda, Reuben, Joel, Kathleen, Steve, Cathy, Emily, Julie, Claire, Liza, Jeff and Liz, Miguel, Jesse, Chris, Kai, Alan, Doug, Nicole, Andrew, John, Angela, Jillian, Rebecca, Jimmy, Joanna, Liza, Margaret, Rhiannon, Haveyouseen, Rachel, Chris, Maria, Kevin, Marion, Mary Katherine, Eli, Laura, Jasmine, Cooper, Allie, Erin, Malin, and Aimee.

You guys, it blows my mind how many people have pledged so far. I feel crazy grateful, humbled, and overwhelmed by all of your support. I CAN’T WAIT to set out on this giant adventure and share it with y’all!!!!!

Let’s go all the way together! Please share this campaign on your facebook walls, twitter feeds, and secret diary tumblr journals. I’m so much more likely to succeed with your help!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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