Preparing for the PCT: Training

How do you train to walk 2600 miles?

I’m a professional dog walker, so I walk a couple of hours every day. That’s the bulk of my training. I also bike and run, but not every day. I used to do intense cardio every day, but then when I started dog walking so much I stopped feeling like I needed to. It’s funny, last summer when I went backpacking with Finn, dog walking had been my main form of exercise for a couple of months, and I was worried about my fitness level for the trip. I was like, how can I be in shape for backpacking? I’ve only been walking. And then it was the easiest trip I’d ever done, and not just because my pack didn’t weigh 40 pounds. I was so fast. Not fast by thru-hiker standards, but definitely the fastest I’d ever been. It was amazing how easy it felt to hike. And it was because I’d been walking everywhere.

I read about how other people train for the PCT, and it seems like they mostly… don’t. Some people ride a stairstepper every day after work for a few months, some people put on their packs and walk around the city a little bit. But mostly people just find the right gear that won’t injure them, and the right shoes that won’t give them blisters, and then they go to the trailhead and…. walk. And for the first few weeks they’re slow, and then they get faster. At the beginning of the trail there’s leeway for this.

Actually, I have been doing something besides walking. There’s this giant staircase near my house that’s cut into a hill, and I’ve been running up and down it. Afterwards my calves are so sore they feel like they’re cramping. It might be too much unnecessary stress on my knees, though, so I might give it up. I might just keep…walking.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for the PCT: Training

  1. before hiking the AT my backpacking experience was pretty much non existent. in fact, i had never even heard of the AT until I was listening to Whole Wheat Radio (where you and Tara read stories) and the DJ mentioned it to a favorite folk singer of mine (Utah Green). I almost followed my ex’s advice and was about to hike with a fucking alice pack, thank fuck I didn’t. I hiked around town with a bunch of blankets and gallons of water in my pack. I read EVERYTHING on whiteblaze. but I don’t think anything could prepare me for the 100 mile wilderness after a week of rain, it rained every goddamn day we hiked that section and we had to ford four rivers of ridiculousness if you can picture me with my heavy ass pack (50 lbs WTF) trying to ford waist high rapids…oh yeah. then I burned the heels off my boots trying to dry them off by the fire. I threw a little bitch fit after that.

    you’re super badass tho, i’m sure you won’t have a problem. I wish lots of trail magick for you.

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