Guess what I’m going to through-hike the pacific crest trail in 2013

I am going to walk all the way from Mexico to Canada. 2,663 miles. It turns out that lots of people do it each year. This year a woman and her 9 year old daughter completed the PCT, along with a young man with terminal cancer (he was forced off the trail once for a chemo treatment) and a man wearing 26 different wedding dresses, one for each week. I am going to try and be “ultralight” about it, meaning that my pack, without food, water or fuel, weighs ten pounds or less. This is very exciting. For this reason I spend many, many hours on the internet, researching gear and looking on ebay for things. Also I am going to attempt to fallow a paleo diet while on the trail, although I may abandon this idea if, in the coming months, it proves much too difficult to dehydrate five months’ worth of sweet potatoes.

As the new year comes and goes and the winter begins to wear itself out, beating its wet, dark self against the aluminum siding of my trailer until it is exhausted, this blog is going to get kind of nerdy. I am going to talk about gear and logistics and is it a terrible idea to make pemmican from bacon grease, and where do you find freeze-dried chicken on the internet?

I start the hike in April! That is feeling very soon! I’ll be writing for this blog while on the trail, I’m going to buy a spare battery for my smartphone and do you know that just about the entire surface of the earth has cellphone reception now?

And here is my very favorite 2012 PCT blog, for your reading pleasure- not a chance

And! If you’re feeling generous and you like giving gifts, I’ve updated my amazon wish list to include pieces of gear that I still need. The button is on the sidebar over there —> towards the top.

Remember when I used to have adventures? Man! I am going to have them again! And this time I won’t even have to worry about getting arrested for trespassing or inhaling too much diesel exhaust in train tunnels. I’ll just be walking in the woods until my shoes disintegrate and eating cute dehydrated mails that I mail to myself, in the future! Yay!

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