good things to read! and I am doing a reading!

Friends! Strangers! Steadfast readers who are my source of continued inspiration! I am doing a reading on Friday, May 13th, at the Waypost in Portland, OR, at 7pm. I am reading with AM O’Malley and several other very talented individuals! And I’ll be reading a piece from the book I’m writing! WHICH IS TERRIFYING! No part of the book will be available anywhere until it is published, so this may be your only chance to hear a little chunk. Please, please come if you can! THE WAYPOST HAS GLUTEN-FREE TURKEY SANDWICHES!

Also, I have been posting very irregularly here. I apologize. I’ve been working on my book, and now springtime is here full-blast and suddenly I cannot write at all- I cannot tolerate anything that requires staring at a computer or that I be in my head for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch. So now I figure out what to do next- WTF am I doing with my life, existential despair, a crisis of identity, first world problems, etc. Perhaps in a few months I will finish my book. Or I will wake up tomorrow and finish it. Or I will never finish it. I accept all of these realities/possibilities/I accept the fluid nature of space-time/creativity/I cannot predict the future.

No, wait, I cannot accept these things.

I suffer.

I accept that I cannot accept these things. I accept that I suffer.

My acceptance is a foam-covered baseball bat with which I beat my ego into submission.

My acceptance springs eternal from the deep springs of the earth. My acceptance feeds all the little plants of the forest. My acceptance is a form of love.

I will run away from/fail at acceptance. I accept that I run away from/consistently fail at acceptance.

All of my arguments crumple in the face of acceptance.

I am not writing/I accept that I am not writing/I accept that I may one day write again/

READ THESE THINGS IN MY ABSENCE (also please subscribe via email on the right so you will know when I post again):

Alysia Angel’s writing is like if you walked around in springtime, stoned, eating all the flowers, wearing a dress you found in a freebox, and at last crumpled, exhausted, in a field of bluebells, and fucked yourself.

Moxie Marlinspike tests the borders of what is possible/impossible, has a ridiculous amount of fun, and doesn’t give a fuck about capitalism.

I wanted to link to ecowhore too, but the site is down? I will link again when it is fixed.

Happy May, people.