at this late hour

I am awake. Is it because I am a hedonist? Is it because I am in love? Is it because I want to live forever?

Is it because I have become addicted, in the last 48 hours, to facebook scrabble?

No, my love has gone to bed on her turn, stuffed up with a headcold. So it can’t be that.

I have not been writing much blog this month. I have been doing other things! Like applying for jobs, applying for school, applying for financial aid, and making zines- all of which involve frying my brain on the computer, or, as I call it now, the “scrabble box”. Three weeks ago I hated scrabble. HATED it. Now I am learning (and somewhat compulsively) to play like a champ from Corinne the sneaky scrabble master, who has no respect for “real words”, aka English words that you and I, as native English speakers, would know the meanings of. And it has enriched me. Just in the last two days I have learned that Qi, En, Ai, Nixe, Kor, Hights and Rato are all words. What more useful information is that? The interesting things is that I do not know what any of these words MEAN, only that they EXIST. What would we do if civilization were to crumble, and the only building left standing was the one that housed the unsold scrabble dictionaries? Our language would evolve into a dialectic of obscure scrabble words. Oh Rato, you exist! Somewhere out in the universe, you are! Unknown word! Rare, previously unknown combination of letters! I will forge strange sentences from you. Nixe! Kor! Hights! Ai! Ai! Ai!

Some plausible definitions-

Kor- ventral muscles.

Hights- manic nights.

Rato- gluten-free ravioli, made from rice pasta. more delicious than its wheaty cousin. traditionally stuffed with sheep’s cheese and zucchini.

What about Nixe? I cannot think of anything for that one. Ideas? I am going to sleep. I have more zines to make in the morning, because you have bought them all. I love you! I do not even know you. Thank you!

And if you are in the mood for imagining more, at this late hour, there is this site, which was brought to my attention by a reader, and is beautiful and inspiring and uncomplicated. And maintained by a young man who sailed to the Dominican Republic with some friends of mine, in a derelict yacht, and made a little documentary about it, which you can see on the site. Fantasy travel! To build a boat and sail! To where? I do not even like the ocean. I get seasick. And then there is the issue of gravity.

To bed!