I am glad that I am not as smart as David Foster Wallace

and I mean that in all seriousness. One needs to be a little blunted, I believe, to find contentment in this three-legged mortal’s life. Watching this video makes me sad, and inspired, and nostalgic for something that I didn’t even realize was happening. (Thanks AM for the video)

Charlie Rose- An interview with David Foster Wallace

2 thoughts on “I am glad that I am not as smart as David Foster Wallace

  1. i know! i had the same reaction. he was tortured by his genius. he could barely stand to sit there in his own skin…eventually he could not bear it at all.

    i have a friend who is so smart that he only functions with constant pot smoking to blunt his mind, no pun intended. he is sickened and stuttered by his own mind.

    i’m glad that the intellect i have is just enough that i can laugh at complicated puns and enjoy good books, but not enough to keep me from functioning. i have plenty of other things that keep me from functioning.:)

  2. I’m just curious to what extent you feel his depression had on his work and intellect. Did his depression detract from his writing, add to it, have no effect, or something else? When I watch the interview, I see a smart man made vulnerable by his internal problems.

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