Polished! Done! So shining I can see my own face in it!

Friends and strangers! I have been working very hard here in my little wooden shack, with the rain pouring down outside, or not, and just this very moment I finally have something to show for it- a finished story! Finished as in polished, no holes anywhere, done and complete, not a single word I would change for any other word, no matter how many times I look over it. Finished, finished, finished! I do not know if you realize how remarkable this is. Polishing my stories is not something that I have ever had the patience for, hence the reason I have a blog as opposed to chunks of things that might actually be marketable. And what does this all mean? Am I gaining some sort of newfound focus, this cold damp november? Has is come suddenly with the passing of time? With age? From where did it arrive? Unanswerable questions! But for now, I have the story for you. As you read it you will notice, I think, how complete it is, how it tumbles along like a soccer ball in a patch of newly-cut grass, closed, complete. You may have read it before but I promise, it is much better now. And I’ve also changed it to the third person, to make it seem more story-like, and less of a personal narrative. Yay for today, and for rounded, finished things! The first day of the rest of my literary life!

What it feels like to be stoned

7 thoughts on “Polished! Done! So shining I can see my own face in it!

  1. fuck yes!
    i don’t know why i always have to get so expletive around you/yr work, but i do.
    i haven’t gotten to the story yet, but fuck yes for this!
    fuck yes for you carrotibou quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You killed me with this one before-
    and you’ve really gone and done it now… 🙂
    Lovely polish, it’s smooth as silk.

  3. I hadn’t realized that a conjoined colon & parenthesis- intended to demonstrate a smile- would manifest as a glaring yellow happy face.
    Wow, with eyebrows and teeth!

  4. I remember reading this when it first appeared on your blog and feeling extremely impressed by the thoughts and emotions your captured with words. Hooray for you and your awesome accomplishment!

  5. Wow, I read this and didn’t realize that the story link was down there under it. So I am excited to read it when I get home. Good for you, girl. Please tell me how you did it- step by step, because I have so many unfinished stories and I need help!

  6. Davka-

    Man, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s so incredibly hard for me to polish anything that I write! I lose momentum on things so fast, usually as soon as I’m done writing them the first time. The only thing that works for me is to get it nearly totally right the first time, then set it aside for a few months, and then when I go back to look at it it seems “new” again, and maybe exciting to work on, and I am able to see things I want to change. And then there’s the fact that stories need a beginning, middle, and end… I seem to have luck, recently, with taking a few of my related first-person blog entries, stringing them together, and changing them to third person- that makes it feel like a story to me, which helps give me momentum to work on it. Mostly tho, I just have to tackle it while the ball is rolling- and that damn ball is so unpredictable! Good luck. If you lived closer we could have a writing group and complain about these things. Let me know how your stuff works out.

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