5 thoughts on “I couldn’t have written it any better

  1. Sorry to hear that your November was as bad as Tony’s and mine. There’s an end to this tunnel, we all just have to make it there and all will be well.

  2. Dang, dude.
    That was great.
    Joy like a knife, indeed…!
    I really like poets.org, too, I pop over there like it’s an ice cream shop and I’m an aimless glutton, hankering for a taste, a hit of flavor.
    Thanks for sharing that one.

  3. Hartage- what? no! My November has been incredible! Did you miss the entire point of the poem? It’s about joy and triumph!

    Megan- I can’t believe there are all these incredible poets out there, and I am only just now discovering them! Like this guy! And the other poems of his that I read on that site were so beautiful they almost stopped my heart. Ice-cream shop indeed!


  4. Hmm, I guess we all take different things from the same material. My November was pretty dark so I focused on the dark first part of Tony’s poem. I’m glad though that you are able to focus on the brighter second half.

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