6 thoughts on “For my non-feminist readers

  1. no one mentions his daughter. he ridiculously parades himself as some great father while rapping about killing her mother and raping young women. his daughter is going to be so fucked.

  2. Excellent assignment. The article was well written and addressed some things I think are highly noteworthy and in need of discussion as Eminem makes his unfortunate comeback.

  3. great article and great homework, whether you are a feminist or not! Trying to catch up on your blog, Carrot! Been on a road trip myself so not easy to get wifi all the time. Just want you to know I’m still reading and supporting!

  4. I’ve read that guy’s blog. It kind of seems like he’s on the right path but has completely missed the point of walking it.

  5. At the end of Katz’s article he talks about radio stations continuing to play Eminem’s music. I thought, yeah, like any mainstream station would step up and boycott him. Then I remembered what happened to the Dixie Chicks and it kind of blew my mind. How messed up is it that consumers would be outraged by Natalie Maines making ONE anti-W. comment and not by the unbelievable things people like Eminem rap about?????????

    BTW have you watched Shut Up and Sing???? I cry everytime I watch it!

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