Katey Sleeveless’ spectacular hitch-hiking radio show, episodes two and three

Episode three of which I am the star. Thanks Katey! You are totally awesome and the radio is better for having you.

Hitchhiking Series, Episode Two. Kenneth Quinn of Taos, New Mexico sells his truck in an effort to combat global warming; he now bikes and hitchhikes everywhere. Quinn talks about the inadvertant benefits of hitchhiking, including forming amazing connections with strangers. He details choosing specific routes and recounts difficult efforts of hitchiking in rural places. Jeff Koerner, Inaiah Lujan, James Lujan, Frank Scott, Carrot Quinn and Kenneth Quinn talk about some really great rides, as well as some not-so-great-at-the-time (but character building, and educational!) rides and moments from the road. What do these hard times teach us about each other, and about ourselves? James Lujan hitchhikes while stationed in Vietnam; Katey Sleeveless hitchhikes Europe, meets two rounds of German police; and more, with music by Haunted Windchimes. 30:00, 2009.

Hitchhiking Series, Episode Three. Reading and interview with travel-adventure-freight-train-hitchhiking-gluten-free-bench-warrant-in-AZ writer Carrot Quinn (Carrot’s blog). Carrot shares non-fiction (a hitchhiking tale from a cross-country venture from North Carolina to Portland, Oregon last fall); freedom vs. money; Thoreau’s mom does his laundry; Carrot talks adventure. Artist Inaiah Lujan on: The inspiration of traveling; following your passion; us as particles of one super thing; reflecting energy that magnates people and experiences; and on finding “home” wherever you may go. 28:48, 2009.

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  1. i got your message re:E of E! it warmed my heart. i’m so happy that another deserving spirit has received the gift.


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