2 thoughts on “When I am in nature and away from my friends I want to collect pictures of my friends the way I collect leaves in the city and line them up on my windowsill so I can remember who it is I am forgetting to write to.

  1. so goddamn true.
    even when i’m in the city, i do this.
    or i put their postcards up on the walls (next to the collected leaves)
    or… anything… anything i can do to bring them here with me if they aren’t.

    i feel this.
    i love this.

  2. i die! i cry! i want to move back to portland as soon as i can and pretend that the rain is just confetti, cause its always a party. except many people i love no longer live there so it would be a going away party, which is sad like rain, and missing people you never got enough of.

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