4 thoughts on “New blogs. Friends.

  1. hey krot, thanks for the shout out, there is some mad traffic trampling around in my newly born alter-ego. i was excited to find frannie, now we can all squat around the same blog-fire and chew our gristle. true, SE is rainy, I am unknown as to my winter home. I’m thinking about portland, its in my bones, even though the rain kills me.

  2. thanks for the props my dear,
    thanks for directing yr bloggy friends to come lurk in my bloggy world.
    i love the way we write is so different, but what we write may not be so different after all…

    and somehow, mebbe, with you and me and margaret sharing this strange digital space… mebbe it’s almost like the three of us running into each other at the bluffs during sunset, or crossing queer dance party paths….. almost.

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