Help Fat Fancy!

The coolest people on the planet. Are fat. And have incredible fashion.

Fat Fancy is this incredible underground clothing boutique in Portland, OR, run by queer friends and friends of friends, that carries awesome plus-size vintage clothing and organizes fat-positive events and contributes to fat-positive and body-positive awareness EVERYWERE, like a little seed of powerful, relevent and NECESSARY change whose TIME HAS COME. And right now they’ve got a video entered in this contest where they could win a bunch of money to open up a storefront- and the video with the highest ratings wins. So be an ally, dear reader, AND WATCH THE VIDEO AND VOTE! It takes less than five seconds! Also, the video is totally adorable and made me miss Portland so bad my heart hurt a little! I mean, don’t you want to shop where Beth Ditto shops??!

One thought on “Help Fat Fancy!

  1. Totally awesome. I love Leslie Hall and see her show whenever she is in Portland. Thanks for posting the video.

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