5 thoughts on “Here’s the mp3, if you missed us telling stories on the internet radio

  1. You guys did really awesome yesterday, it was a real treat and a pleasure to get and sit and “chill” with you guys, lol. ^.^ Thanks for letting us know about your interview (because I as of right now can’t get onto Tara’s blog 😥 … ).

    Heheh, sorry for the totally generalized question. I had suddenly discovered the collaboration room and mulled over what to ask you guys that I didn’t already know from the sites until my brain just screamed, “OH FOR GODS SAKE, just ask something!” LOL! *shakes head*

    Thanks for answering it anyway.

    So you guys are “celebs” now, how does it feel? lol. 😉 No, but seriously, how’d u enjoy this experience? ^.^

  2. I just love your voice so much, Carrot. Especially your accent went you did the “dolly parton wardens” in Texas. and River’s stories are great, so nostalgic to me and hilarious. I didn’t know you had worms once! No one really does realize the true extent of your sacrifice in order to have the “freedom” that you experience.

    I also love the way that River says, “hot dog.”

  3. It was wonderful listening to you read your writing. It adds a new dimention to your worderful words.

  4. Carrot, you and Tara are so fucking cool. I love knowing you two exist, it makes my life better.
    Thanks for sharing this radio interview-storytime. I loved hearing you both speak.

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