I heart vigilantes who kill rapists. This guy is my hero.

This is the sort of petition I can get behind- raise your hand if you think the justice system is fucked, and wish that all those “shoot five random people and then themselves” americans would put that shit to good use.

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Aaron was molested and severely psychologically abused by this guy, Darrell, when he was a kid up into his late teens. Recently Darrell’s son told Aaron that his dad was still abusing children. Darrell was a Boy Scout leader and a Big Brother, and several police reports had been made about him molesting boys over the years. The police, of course, declined to even pretend to investigate. A few days after he found out that Darrell was still molesting children in his community, Aaron killed him. He went to Darrells house/trailer/thing with an old skool black powder gun and shot him. He restrained Darrells wife from calling the police until he was sure Darrell was dead, and then he disassembled his gun and left it on the table. She told police that she never felt threatened. Since then a bunch of people have come forward and said that they were abused by the guy – maybe ten people have gone public or will. Darrell’s son and ex-wife have donated to Aaron’s defense fund. But the DA is trying to put him in jail for a gazillion years.

This is the insufficient news reporting: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article…fatal_shooting As usual, they’re all like, “there may have been some kind of abuse case from years ago… clearly Aaron is disturbed, blah blah blah.” Fuck the news.

This is the petition to the District Attorney to drop the charges: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/770311398 Check it out and see if you want to sign it, because this is a case where it actually will make a difference. This DA operates largely on public opinion. Here’s what Darrell’s son said when he signed the petition:

8:15 pm PDT, Apr 1, Mike McNeill, California
I am Darrell McNeill’s son. Aaron and I are very close friends we’ve known each other since childhood. I know how Aaron felt and I believe he sacrificed him self to save others. I stand behind Aaron 100%.

Here’s another signature:

# 439:Feb 25, 2009, Irene Durigan, California
My brother james was also molested by Daryl McNeil. Daryl was a member of Big Brother/Big Sister and was james big brother. He put james through living hell. James killed himself Jan 3, 2006. He never recovered from the hell daryl put him through.

This is the website his family made. There are links to interviews and they are seeking donations for Aaron’s legal fund: http://www.saveaaron.com/

8 thoughts on “I heart vigilantes who kill rapists. This guy is my hero.

  1. Years ago in a neighboring small-town from where I grew up there was this town bully who terrorized the town for decades but never did quite enough to warrant an arrest, and never got caught until the town had enough. According to the story I heard (and this is a true story! I can look it up if I remember the name of the bully…), the men of the town all got together in the middle of the town square and killed the guy and to this day they never caught the killer and those who know have never opened their mouths. Eventually, the police dropped it – they were actually glad he was gone, too.

    I despise our “justice” system. I signed. Thanks for pointing that out. ^.^

  2. i agree with you. Our justice system is so fucked up. they’ll put people in jail for years on end for the stupidest reasons (drug possession, transporting “illegal immigrants”) yet they don’t do anything to take care of the shit thats really fucked up.

  3. We need more people solving problems like this; good on Aaron for having the courage to stand up and do what was right. Shame on our flawed justice system that protects the guilty and crucifies the innocent.

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