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  1. hey Carrot,

    have u heard about this call for submissions?

    Call for Submissions

    A New Anthology Edited by Ariel Gore

    Greetings Portland Queers!

    I’m looking for first-person literary narratives by queer-identified Portland writers for a new anthology showcasing the diversity, hilarity, and talent of emerging and established local writers. Stories can be fiction or nonfiction, but should have a clear Portland connection.

    I’m looking for:

    * Experimental and traditional short stories / short memoirs featuring queer characters
    * Character-driven literary narratives
    * Stories that mention specific Portland neighborhoods, landmarks, haunts, or nearby destinations
    * Up to 5,000 words (shorter pieces welcome)

    I’m not looking for:

    * Opinion essays on what it’s like to be queer in Portland
    * Erotica (sex isn’t taboo– I just don’t want it to be “the point”)
    * How-to or travel pieces
    * And I’m not looking for trouble! Please be prepared to change the names of the guilty.

    Send submissions to
    Ariel Gore / Portland Queer
    P.O. Box 12525
    Portland, OR 97212

    Send your questions to
    Subject: Pdx Queer

    Deadline is May 1, 2008
    Payment to be determined

    Ariel Gore is the editor of Hip Mama and the author of seven books
    including The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show, Atlas of the
    Human Heart, and How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead.
    Click to http://www.arielgore.com

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