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Hey y’all- I’m going to be taking some space from this blog in the next few weeks, so I won’t be posting very often. Just so you know, and you don’t think I’ve like died or something. My life is not a non-stop adventure right now, and the parts that are blog-worthy I don’t really feel like sharing with the faceless interweb universe. I got a job (if you can call it a job) driving a pedic@b (I write it that way so it’s not googleable)- tonight was my first night, pedaling a massive tricycle until three a.m., hustling resentful drunk people who couldn’t tell what gender I was, and then biking all the way fucking home after the bars closed, to my house which is like so far east it’s practically New York. This job is not the sort of job you keep for a long time, but that doesn’t matter. The other kid I worked with has it even rougher than me- he just moved to Portland (and lives in his van, btw), has a part-time dishwashing job that tears his hands up and now the pedic@b gig- but it’s not enough, he has to leave, it’s not enough money. He’s worked as a bike mechanic in Buffalo for years, but couldn’t get a job doing that here, either. He couldn’t get a job stacking boxes in a warehouse, he couldn’t even get work through a temp agency. He looks maybe 24, was wearing pegged black carharts and a homemade bike cap in rich brown corduroy. People keep telling him he’s really lucky to have his dishwashing job- that they’d jump at the chance to work at that restaurant. This town is a fucking joke, he kept saying, when we’d parked our tricycles against the curb outside the club, waiting for the partygoers to get just drunk enough to not be able to walk in their heels anymore. A fucking joke.

My other new-found pastime these last few days is doing embroidery while I listen to This American Life podcasts, also these neat podcasts on the economic crisis they’ve started doing on NPR, kind of like economics for dummies, wherein I finally learned how banks work, and also that no-one really knows how to make capitalism work, at least consistently for any amount of time. And yesterday I made some muffins, millet-buckwheat-pecan-coconut-carrot-ginger-nutmeg kind. Gluten free, of course. I’d put the recipe here, but I’m too fucking lazy. And I didn’t take any pictures. And I’m re-reading The Bandit Queen of India, which is turning out to be, if you can believe it, even better than I remembered. Definitely the best book I have ever read in my entire life. In so many ways I don’t even want to talk about it.

Dear readers! I’ll blog more frequently again when my life turns back into an action-adventure movie, or when I feel like it. Whichever comes first.

11 thoughts on “Vaycay from the blog

  1. Your lack of post this past week made me believe you had already quit, moved or got run over by a runaway Portland bus..

    I knoe a pedi****b. They use them everywhere.What’s to gGoogle? You think you discovered’em or something?

  2. Click clack- thanks! Hurrah! I’ll be reading your blog, meanwhile, and waiting for those travel posts!

    Reamus- no, it’s just something you do when blogging about a job, so your employer doesn’t find it.

  3. Congratulations on the job! Maybe if you set up a little lcd screen to scroll some pics for the drunk customers, you could insert some subliminal ads that say things like “tip big” or “hand driver a twenty”…
    i’ll miss you 😦

  4. Pcabs are way cool. Thanks for driving us drunk people around (Well, I’m in AZ so it’s an extended thanks…but it’s very cool nonetheless!)

  5. Geesh, Carrot, I don’t need to hear about a big adventure all the time. There’s something about the ebb and flow of life that really comes through in your writings. I think that’s cuz you can tell about a period that sucks without whining about it.

    If you need a break, take it. If it’s cuz you don’t think you sound impressive enough or adventuresome enough, get over it! Life is what it is. I like whatever you write about.

  6. “I got a job (if you can call it a job) driving a pedic@b (I write it that way so it’s not googleable)”

    worried about us groupies tracking you down and stalking you, eh? 😉

    lots of love, girl. do good for yourself and don’t let the yuppie bastards get you down.

  7. Hey Carrot, at least (maybe) the weather is turning. Cause slogging those bastards around in the rain just doesn’t sound fun at all.

    I’ll miss you. But a break is always good.

    Take care

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