Welcome, Gentle Folk!

My, it’s nice over here! I feel like I’m in a big open space with some sunlight streaming in and not any furniture yet. And that I might just keep it that way, put a futon in the corner and feel really zen.

Welcome to my new blog! Things are a little messy from the move- wierd fonts, duplicated comments and the like. I’m getting out my broom and dustpan and I’ll clean up soon. And I’ll put links in and stuff, and an About page, and whatnot.

Wait- does anyone know how to change the font on this thing? Like make it bigger, and colored and stuff? If there’s one thing I like it’s big, blue font…

11 thoughts on “Welcome, Gentle Folk!

  1. nice, wordpress is much friendlier. as for the font, I don’t think wp.com lets you edit CSS without paying, so you might just have to do it in html.

  2. Oh no! No nice friendly buttons for clicking? I don’t know any html. Oh well, I guess there’s a time to learn everything… blue font… I miss you already!

  3. Yay, finally did it!!! Welcome to WP! Make sure you do the html in the html tab, and then you have to click back over to the visual tab to see how it looks. Did you see all the themes??? I love wordpress!!

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