This is Amazing

This was made by Chris over at 721sandwiches, in response to my incessant ranting about privilege. It made me laugh so freakin’ hard. Chris totally gets it! Privilege isn’t something to whisper about, deny, cover up or feel guilty about-

It’s something to shout about and hash out- It’s something to make jokes about.

Srsly people.

It’s just reality. And what is funnier than that?

13 thoughts on “This is Amazing

  1. I like how it says “sry” at the bottom.

    his poem is pretty cool too.

    If I couldn’t laugh about reality, I would probably off myself.

  2. i’ve seen these before with that kind of text/speech. i don’t get it. what dialect are people imitating when they write like that? is it an internet shorthand thing? or is it a poor people thing? sorry i really don’t know.

  3. still wondering who they are making fun of when they use that incorrect english that sounds real familiar to me from growing up with poor folk.

    it gives me the same heebie jeebies i get when I hear white kids doing “black” talk.

  4. Davka- as far as I know, it’s an approximation of the bad grammar and incorrect spelling that cats would use, if they were to talk or write, mixed in with text-message forms of common english words, like “kthx”.

  5. ok but the “iz” is definitely taken from the stereotypical way “black talk” is represented by white people in movies (see “gone with the wind”) and it’s pretty offensive. sorry i love this blog, but i had to say that! that’s definitely making fun of “ebonics.” without a doubt.

  6. Yeah, I got the same impression the first time I saw the LOLcats pics. It IS vaguely derogatory, but have you noticed how clueless the upcoming generations are about stuff like that? (Like the scrawny white “boyz” talkin’ ebonics. Makes me kick ’em. Or want to… for 5 seconds… in my head..)

    But, looking at my roommates’ cats, I can TOTALLY see them talking like that… with the additions of ME and NOW! lol

    I did love the pic, btw. You bet it made me laugh! 😛

  7. I heard someone got offended by my harmless-ass picture, and now I’m responding:

    LOLspeak is the last remaining vestige of good clean wholesome cute humor. Don’t soil it. I was not making fun of black people or poor people. It’s cute-speak. Don’t get crazy… it’s just a ‘z.’

    If I was typing something which might be construed as derogatory, it would say “I’s.” Like “I is…” But even that isn’t offensive, unless you really want it to be.

    Who cares how people talk, or why? Stop caring how people talk. Let’s all stop getting offended by harmless stuff. I’s sorry. Now make fun of me by saying “like” every other word, and we’re pretty much even.
    Chris Harne

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