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Friends! Strangers! Passers-by! Now and then I choose to password-protect a post of mine, for whatever reason. If you would like the password to these posts, please leave a comment on this post- it will ask you for your email, and then I will have it, and I will email you the password. And I do thank you for your continued readership!


38 thoughts on “password protected posts

  1. brian- I just tried to email you the password, but my email said the email was rejected. Leave another comment, ok, and double-check your email to make sure it’s right.

  2. Hi, I really enjoy your writing and your optipessimistic take on life and would love to keep reading your blog. Thanks.

  3. hi, i read you from nyc and also sometimes from south florida. i’d like to keep reading. can i have the password?

  4. enjoy reading your stories. they are enlightening and picturesque.they are like a painting as they unfold. would like to be able to see the others under your password section. thanks for your efforts.

  5. Carrot
    It’s a pleasure to read your descriptive writing and view your photos. Might I have the password to read/see/hear more of your adventures. Thanks.

  6. i like your stories as well… and i’m about to buy a 65 ford econoline to live in. your stories are the jelly in my peanut butter sandwich and the roast beef in my ear.

  7. Hi Carrot,
    I would love to read all your posts. Also would like to send you a care package. I am Sara`s mother and a friend of Sam`s. I hope you are well, are you going to visit in NC again this fall? Email please!

  8. Hi there, Carrot.

    I see that you’ve abandoned this blog shortly before I discovered it. That’s ok, I too like to abandon the internetz when it starts feeling gross. Nevertheless, will you please send me the password so I can continue to read backwards?

  9. Hey Carrot,

    This website is incredible. Could you send me the password? I’m going to try and read everything you’ve written over this weekend.

  10. I just discovered your blog–was saddened to also discover that it was abandoned. However, I would love to continue reading and gathering info.
    Password, please?

  11. When you get to Vashon come see the trees that live w me and stay in the tree house and we will share stories about hitchin on the freight trains; 10,000 miles under my belt.

    For now I will just feel your pen; key please?

  12. Hi, Carrot. This morning I finished reading your PCT posts and have started reading your blog from the beginning. I can’t seem to get enough. If you’re still granting access to your password protected posts, I’d really love to read them. I will be following in your PCT footsteps in 2014 and your posts have me itching to hit the trail. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Niki

  13. Your PCT posts have been an inspiration for me to not only do the PCT but to start writing again. So I’ve finished reading your PCT experience, which was awesome reading by the way, and hunger for more. I have two favors to ask, access to your protected posts, and I’ve been trying to find a copy of “Ten Thousand Miles by Freight Train”, Amazon doesn’t sell it anymore, is it sold elsewhere?

  14. I just binge read your PCT blog over a couple of days and loved it so much I decided to read the rest of your blog. May I please have access to the password protected posts? Also, like Steve up there, I’d really like to find a copy of your book. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  15. I just found you, I am over whelmed by your writing style and I am starting at the beginning. Password pretty please!

  16. Like Ravenna, I don’t know if this still exists. But I’ve been following your PCT blog this year, decided I wanted to read last year’s as well, then decided what the heck, might as well start at the beginning!

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