torrential rainfall and the disputed kingdom Protista

It’s been raining torrentially all day- this morning we took the dogs to kelly point park, the superfund site where the metallic Columbia meets the sewage-filled Willamette, and big cold drops began to pelt us as soon as we stepped from the car. We walked along the path through the woods, throwing Emy’s ball before … Continue reading torrential rainfall and the disputed kingdom Protista

my life right now

Restless sleep. Ambiguous mornings. Daylight that does not differentiate- wet and gray, so gray I have forgotten any other color. Occasional sunclouds, the storms churned into piles of whipped-cream and floating in golden caramel. The heavens can be rainbows, pink and blue, molten gold? Surely not. My dog takes three cold showers a day (that … Continue reading my life right now

no hope

“Without hope, there is no fear.” -Buddhist saying “When hope dies, action begins." -Derrick Jensen I’ve been trying to apply these concepts to my own writing. Writing is easy, writing is fun. Writing a novel is like digging through a wet cement wall with just my fingernails. The difference, for me, between writing “just for … Continue reading no hope