torrential rainfall and the disputed kingdom Protista

It’s been raining torrentially all day- this morning we took the dogs to kelly point park, the superfund site where the metallic Columbia meets the sewage-filled Willamette, and big cold drops began to pelt us as soon as we stepped from the car. We walked along the path through the woods, throwing Emy’s ball before … Continue reading torrential rainfall and the disputed kingdom Protista

Did I ever tell you about the time I hitch-hiked to Alaska and met my father?

.No? Well here, I wrote you this story. (Oh, and don't forget to nominate me for best lesbian personal blog- every day until the 9th. Remember to confirm each vote through yr email, or it doesn't count!) The Elephant and the RockDid you ever just want to go north? There’s a lot up there, you … Continue reading Did I ever tell you about the time I hitch-hiked to Alaska and met my father?


Friends- I have for you another rhyming, fantastical tale, written several years ago in the fall, back in the murky era before this blog- a sort of land before time, made up of dog-eared warm xeroxed pages and a large funnel that went straight from my wallet-pocket into the copy machines at kinko's. An old … Continue reading Turducken

A Reader Writes

Friends-I had the pleasure, yesterday, of finding in my inbox a letter- a letter which contained some of the universe's most timeless questions, sent by a nice young singer-songwriter from Texas. I decided to answer the questions here, because I felt like everyone, including myself, could benefit from the hashing-out of them. Also, after you … Continue reading A Reader Writes

From The Vaults

A rhyming story about decomposition------------------------------------------Cup-Tin and the Old Woman------------------------------------------One day in the spring, when all things were growingour young friend, Cup-tin, in the forest was roamingshe whistled a tune as she walked through the moss,not caring at all that she had become lostAt length the trees opened and gave way to grassShe was thinking of … Continue reading From The Vaults


I went to Asheville last weekend with Eli who’s a lawyer. She’s an anarchist, first, but wanted to do more good so she became a lawyer. Now she’s got major college loans to pay off and a job at a non-profit supporting prisoners who get assaulted by guards and forgotten in prison, doing time after … Continue reading Asheville


Sometimes, the highway shoulder is not your friend. There's a bad wind, flinging dust at you, highway cones, no shoulder, everyone's speeding anyway.Can't stop. Can't stop. Can't stop. Sorry.We had alot of time to think. I was having cramps, doped up on advil. Sam let me slouch against the guardrail, he even gave me one … Continue reading Confessions

5 Speed DIES

.(Real picture of hideaway lake. Not taken by me. Found on google image, stolen from some nice person's flickr account.)Petunia’s as old as I am. I push my finger into the broken speaker on her foam dash. It’s funny, I say, that plastic won’t decompose, but it will break down into smaller pieces. Petunia’s dash … Continue reading 5 Speed DIES