Friends- I have for you another rhyming, fantastical tale, written several years ago in the fall, back in the murky era before this blog- a sort of land before time, made up of dog-eared warm xeroxed pages and a large funnel that went straight from my wallet-pocket into the copy machines at kinko's. An old … Continue reading Turducken

From The Vaults

A rhyming story about decomposition------------------------------------------Cup-Tin and the Old Woman------------------------------------------One day in the spring, when all things were growingour young friend, Cup-tin, in the forest was roamingshe whistled a tune as she walked through the moss,not caring at all that she had become lostAt length the trees opened and gave way to grassShe was thinking of … Continue reading From The Vaults

5 Speed DIES

.(Real picture of hideaway lake. Not taken by me. Found on google image, stolen from some nice person's flickr account.)Petunia’s as old as I am. I push my finger into the broken speaker on her foam dash. It’s funny, I say, that plastic won’t decompose, but it will break down into smaller pieces. Petunia’s dash … Continue reading 5 Speed DIES

Not Crazy

My mom is schizophrenic. This is a fact that usually comes up in conversation with new crushes, on about the second or third date. It’s not that I go out of my way to tell people, it just naturally comes up. Right about the time you realize the person you’re getting to know didn’t just … Continue reading Not Crazy