I Suddenly there were clementines on the tundra, although no-one could say from where they had come. The small round oranges were obscene against the flat bright landscape, the white-dusted ground broken only by the pockmarks of frozen lakes. Nina Simone (That’s what her parents had named her- her parents, who had met in Budapest) … Continue reading Solstice

The Tree

Dear Reader! Another nice story for you. Fiction. Now without the angry rant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------The Tree------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madeline finds the tree on a Wednesday. She is walking. The tree, its trunk massive, its bark like elephant skin, is on Gantenbien and Shaver. The tree is behind a small board fence, and its limbs extend out … Continue reading The Tree

This is the first time I have ever been published by someone other than myself.

I've got a story in Rolling Thunder #8, the Fall issue. It's magical realism, a total winner, and has never come within fifteen feet of the internet. The story features Pie, Pie With Ice Cream, An Invisible Snare Drum, The Thing That Cannot Be Everything, and has cameos by Dude In A Pickup Truck and … Continue reading This is the first time I have ever been published by someone other than myself.


Friends- I have for you another rhyming, fantastical tale, written several years ago in the fall, back in the murky era before this blog- a sort of land before time, made up of dog-eared warm xeroxed pages and a large funnel that went straight from my wallet-pocket into the copy machines at kinko's. An old … Continue reading Turducken

From The Vaults

A rhyming story about decomposition------------------------------------------Cup-Tin and the Old Woman------------------------------------------One day in the spring, when all things were growingour young friend, Cup-tin, in the forest was roamingshe whistled a tune as she walked through the moss,not caring at all that she had become lostAt length the trees opened and gave way to grassShe was thinking of … Continue reading From The Vaults