Some of my best stuff

A collection of some of the pieces readers have loved best, over the years

I wrote about my friend Scott Warren (a No More Deaths volunteer)’s arrest for the Guardian

I wrote about No More Deaths for the Guardian

The Wind River High Route

I talk with Nicole Antionette on her Podcast, Real Talk Radio, about riding freight trains, thru-hiking, and living an unconventional life

No Sunrises, No Sunsets: a week in Gates of the Arctic National Park

You Think You Have Time: hiking the lowest to highest trail

I wrote this piece for The Guardian about women and long-distance hiking

A couple of my train stories

My daily journal from the L2H

Basically I eat potato chips: thru-hiking with the most common food intolerances

Cat Power

Long Distance Hiking Has No Brand: some thoughts on sponsorship

Notes from the field

I loved the desert the best

The PCT isn’t real: a trip report of sorts

After the trail: the return of the existential despair

For when you are feeling poor

What is left behind (fiction)

How to decorate white walls

Uncle T (fiction)

A darkish piece about my childhood

Ruby (fiction)

All of the posts from the summer I spent working as a cook at a hippie hotsprings resort

I want

What it feels like to be stoned

Happily forever

All of the posts from the summer of 2009 when I was in Alaska

One week in March of 2008 I kept a journal