Preparing for a thru-hike: one-on-one coaching


Are you preparing for your first thru-hike? Do you have a million questions about gear, training, or the trail itself that you haven’t been able to answer with the google? Would you like some one-on-one coaching via skype? I offer this! My rate is $50/hr, and free for People of Color. Email me at to schedule a session.

In our session, we can cover whatever questions you might have, including:
-Training for a thru-hike
-Gear selection and base weight
-Hiking solo, as a woman, or as a queer person
-Which trail might be best for you
-Resupply strategy
-Creating an itinerary for your hike
-Overuse injury prevention/taking care of your body on a thru hike
-Desert hiking
-Stream crossings
-How to eat well on trail and/or hiking with food restrictions

And any other questions you might have!

My qualifications: I’ve hiked 9,000 miles in the last five years, on both triple-crown trails (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail) and some of the most difficult cross-country routes in the world (Hayduke, Lowest to Highest Route, Wind River High Route). (Daily blog posts from each of these trails can be found in the menu at the top of this blog.) I’ve hiked both solo and with others. I’m a queer woman, which gives me a perspective that might be useful to other women and queer people. I have a lot of experience with a lot of different gear.

Skype coaching is by no means a necessity in planning a successful thru-hike. There is a plethora of information available online and in forums, for free. But it can be a nice luxury, and if the luxury of one-on-one coaching is what you’re looking for, then consider my chill one-hour sessions.

I find that most people can answer their initial round of questions in one hour. I look forward to helping you navigate all the tough unknowns of a five-month hike.

If you’d like to schedule a session, email me at


ask me q’s


In 2016 I shocked myself by solo-hiking the Oregon section of the PCT, and it’s all Carrot’s fault, haha.
But seriously, not only was her book/blog the inspiration for me to even attempt this hike, but her seemingly infinite knowledge and wisdom regarding long-distance backpacking was the make-or-break difference in my success. I grew up in Manhattan and had very little (read: zero) outdoor experience prior to this adventure, and Carrot answered every possible question for me, including the always important “Okay, so really, how does one poop in the woods?!” Carrot gave me advice on everything from how many liters of water to drink per hour, how many calories I’d need per day, and exactly which gear items would be the best fit for my needs and budget. On her advice I switched out both my pack and my shelter, and the lighter-weight replacements she suggested shaved over 2lbs off my base weight.
Sure, you can find tons of information for free online, but there’s no substitute for having individualized attention from someone who is experienced, non-judgmental, kind, and honest. Basically what I’m saying is that I couldn’t have survived this hike with Carrot, and she will forever be my hiking guru.
-Nicole Antoinette, host of the Real Talk Radio Podcast (follow her on instagram at @nic.antoinette)
 Without Carrot Quinn’s help, I would not be hiking the PCT in 2017. She is the person who originally inspired me to hike the trail, and she has been the person who has tirelessly and kindly answered my questions for the past year as I prepare for my upcoming journey. Carrot is extremely knowledgable, straight-forward, and hilarious. She has never made me feel stupid for asking a question (and I have asked a LOT of questions) and I always feel calmer and more capable after chatting with her. It’s so refreshing to receive honest answers and sincere encouragement, especially in comparison to the condescending advice one often encounters on Facebook hiking forums. Recently my mom told me she’s so grateful that I’ve had Carrot’s guidance while prepping for the PCT that she wants to send her flowers! My mom and I both strongly recommend Carrot as a thru-hike prep coach!
-Vanessa Friedman, writer (read her upcoming words about the PCT at– you can also find her work at Autostraddle, Mic and Nylon).