Long Distance Hiking Coaching!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about the guided backpacking trips I’ve offered this year is the coaching aspect. I love talking one on one with people about gear, food, training, route planning, itineraries, every aspect of long distance hiking. I’ve decided to offer up that service on its own, for people who don’t want to come on a guided trip but still want to change up their gear list ahead of their first long hike, learn to make routes in caltopo or who need help with literally any other aspect of their trip planning. Here are some things we can cover:

  • Gear
  • Pitching your single wall shelter
  • Choosing footwear
  • Planning water carries in the desert
  • Navigation
  • Caring for your feet
  • How much food to bring and what sort of food (including meals for dietary restrictions)
  • Keeping cool in the desert and preventing heat exhaustion
  • Campsite selection
  • What clothing to bring
  • Creating content while on trail
  • Cross-country navigation
  • Using the gaia app, the caltopo app, or the far out app
  • Creating your own route in caltopo
  • How to schedule your hiking day
  • Which trail is the best fit for you
  • How to pack your pack
  • Shitting outside
  • Planning your resupplies
  • Budgeting for a long trail
  • How to prevent and care for chafe
  • Keeping your gear dry in the rain and preventing hypothermia

We’ll meet one-on-one via zoom. My rate is $175 for an hour, or $450 for three hours.

Register below, then I’ll send you an email and we can find a time that works for you-

Register for a one hour session:

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Register for three one-hour sessions:

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Also feel free to email me at carrotquinn4@gmail.com, if you have any questions!

Here are the testimonials from my Arizona retreats in February, which involved coaching around many of the subjects listed above

And there’s still space in my February 2024 Arizona retreats, if you want the whole shebang

About me: My name is Carrot Quinn. I’ve hiked eleven thousand miles, including from Mexico to Canada three times. I’ve written a blog post every day for every one of those hikes- my blog posts from my first time on the PCT became the memoir Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart. I’ve also published another book, The Sunset Route, and am at work on a speculative fiction novel. I love sharing my love of hiking and the outdoors!