2023 Habits Calendar

I made a 2023 calendar with some of my film photos from Portugal and Morocco!

The calendar has a special feature- it comes with a package of foil stars, and each month has a spot for habits you’re trying to cultivate for the month- you designate a colored star for each habit, and then every day you get to give yourself a star when you complete that habit!

Anyway I like this calendar a lot and I wanted it to exist so here it is. The calendar is 7″ by 9″ and goes through January 2024. These might not arrive by Christmas, but they will arrive by January 1st if you order by December 20. I’m only printing 100 so get them while you can! (No international shipping, I’m sorry)

Order the calendar here:

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You can view more of my film photos on instagram.

Also! There’s one spot left in February’s hiking and writing retreat, in the first session. More info is here!