I’m writing a speculative fiction novel you can read right now, plus cover reveal for The Sunset Route!

Some news! First, I’m currently writing a speculative fiction novel. It’s about a young person who flees a dystopic city in a destabilizing empire to travel, first on bike and later on foot, to Nevada, to find a group of people she’s only heard rumors about. The book is called The Horse Girls of Nevada. I’ve written ten thousand words so far, and I’m finishing a chapter a week. And you can read the book while I write it! I’m offering this for two reasons:

  • This kind of pressure both scares me shitless and is the only environment in which I am productive
  • I have bills to pay

I’ve created a subscription page here where you can read the chapters as I release them. The first chapter is free! You can read it now. To read chapter 2, sign up for a $6 recurring monthly subscription. Chapter three will be posted next week, and I’ll post a new chapter each week after that.

I am truly and honestly terrified to show you the first drafts of this thing, but also extremely excited. Thanks for being here!

Second exciting news- I can finally show you the cover for The Sunset Route! Which is also available for preorder now wherever you buy your books, and will be released July 2021!! I am SO excited for ppl to read this book. It’s a rollicking adventure story and a treatise on the power of forgiveness. I hope you like it!