Ten Thousand Miles by Freight Train, the little kindle book!

I spent most of my twenties riding freight trains and hitchhiking across the continent, alone and with friends, sleeping in stands of trees, eating cans of beans, watching the light move in the leaves and thinking about the nature of space/time. Recently I published a novella-length memoir that draws from those years, called Ten Thousand Miles by Freight Train. You don’t need a kindle to read it; there’s an app that will allow you to read it on any screen here. And if you love it, please leave me a review on Amazon or goodreads. It’ll help me retain visibility and find new readers in the giant and crazy world of books.

And thanks to SFG for the beautiful kindle cover!


book cover

7 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Miles by Freight Train, the little kindle book!

  1. I am entranced. This is truly wonderful. I wasn’t able to start until just now as I was having some confusion with the pc-version of kindle, but now I’ve started and don’t plan on stopping.

  2. Hi! Would you consider having it for Nook? I truly want to read it, but I own a Nook. Nook is one of the leading reading tablets, just second after the Kindle, according to my research last month, when I was deciding which tablet to get. Your book would be a wonderful follow-up to “The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas,” by Paul Theroux, which I just finished reading. I am a fan of non-fiction, and an aspiring writer myself, so I’m really keen on discovering new jewels such as yours seems to be. Thanks!

  3. IB-
    I would love to have my book available for Nook! And all other ebook markets… unfortunately, the program on Amazon in which I’m enrolled requires that for 90 days you do not make your book available on any other platform. Wahn-wah! However, I just emailed you the book in a word document. Hope you like it!

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