“No, I am NOT in the wrong restroom”, or- Sunny Arizona Truck-Stops and Not a Computer for Fifteen Miles

So I’ve been stuck at this truck-stop in Arizona for the last three days, trying to hitch-hike and just getting sunburnt instead, subsisting off of the insides of gas-station breakfast sandwiches and expired odwalla bars, wandering around in the desert when I get bored, finding mysterious hobo camps, packs of stray dogs, and the place where brown glass bottles go to die. And the whole time I’ve been going through the most intense blog-withdrawal you can imagine, which is almost as bad as the torment I felt yesterday morning when I finished the last chapter of my trashy vampire novel and realized I had no way to get the sequel. The nearest small town was ten miles away and finally, randomly, someone today offered to drive me here, and I took the offer, just so I could update my blog from the public library, even though now I’m ten long desert miles away from the highway. Whew.

I realize, now, that the only reason I was able to update my blog on the way east was because I took almost three weeks to get to North Carolina, stopping at friends’ places along the way where I could spend whole days updating this thing. I wish I could hitch-hike and ride freight trains with a laptop, but it would just get wet/dirty/destroyed/stolen, and besides my laptop is fucking huge and weighs like a ton.

So, I’m gonna use my last twenty minutes on this thing to look for rides on craigslist, and hopefully I’ll be in rainy, wonderful portland in the next few days- at which point I will lock myself to my computer and you all will get to hear about the time I set out to ride freight trains, but instead somehow hitch-hiked across the country alone, through the desert, where it rained almost every day, and ate thanksgiving dinner at a truckstop buffet, where they had cranberry sauce shaped like the can, just like my Grandma likes to make.

And thanks for your comments, it was extra excruciating not to be able to read them.

Sweet, sweet blog.

9 thoughts on ““No, I am NOT in the wrong restroom”, or- Sunny Arizona Truck-Stops and Not a Computer for Fifteen Miles

  1. glad ya got unstuck in texas and hope you make a getaway soon and maybe meanwhile will find in arizona a choice pebble or two worth keeping i have a number and some i can’t remember where i got them but i see it as a way to make a profit

  2. Yay, you’re out of texas!

    One time I was stuck along the road near Arizona City for almost a week in the middle of summer. It was miserable, and they kicked me out of the truck stop and some woman flipped out on me at a rest area. I hope it’s way better for you.

  3. It might bring you cheer to remember that even the worst misadventures tend to make others a little bit jealous as they hide on the internet in small rooms, or follow your progress from a cubicle.

    Also: have you checked out the Asus EEE laptop? I thought about getting one for bicycle trips. One backpack kid who I kind of adored ND had one. They’re pretty strong and cheap, and I think they can handle a little bit of disaster.

  4. Blog addiction is a dangerous thing, especially when you are planning your travels on the next “hit.” Careful out there. 🙂

    Still sounding like a wonderful hobo adventure. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. take nice whiff of oregon mud dirt ass sweet rain burnt toast soil. let’s hear more of the grime of the train and sweet echoes of the night

  6. By the way, I notice you describe yourself like this:

    “I’m a queer wingnut nature writer, of sorts.”

    I read a lot of political blogs, and on political blogs, for whatever reason, the word “wingnut” is now used as slang for a right-winger.

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